Adult Acne: Why Your Skin Is Breaking Out During Corona Period

Why Your Skin Is Breaking Out During Corona Period (Courtesy)

For many people, staying at home during lockdown and avoiding the commute to work is giving a welcome break to their skin.

 This is because your skin finally gets to ‘breathe’ away from the makeup, sun, and pollutants in traffic. 

However, not all skins are thriving during this time. Many are complaining that colonies of zits are ravaging their faces.

A woman squeezing a zit (Courtesy)

What could be the reason for this outbreak of pimples? Well, 3 culprits are to blame, snacking on unhealthy foods, dehydration, and stress which does a number on your skin.

“Bad skin is often caused by stress; your body creates cortisol under stress, especially stress you have no control over. Which in turn leads to oily skin and breakouts, also swelling and rashes. Poor diet, dehydration, and stress can cause breakouts, redness, and swelling. What many people do not realize is that the gut and the skin are interconnected, if you are overeating or stress eating this can often lead to eczema and rosacea,” skincare expert Vivienne Taslmat told

In addition, many people are not drinking as much water as they used to with caffeine and alcohol slowly replacing water.

“Dehydration can be from two factors; not drinking enough water and drinking too many cups of coffee, tea or sugary beverages which will dehydrate your skin. If dehydration is your issue, have a bottle of water by your bed – as soon as you get up drink it, use a water app to remind yourself to drink water and don’t ignore it. Replace tea with hot lemon water,” she advised.

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