‘Sitanyamaza!’ Musician Arrested For Criticising Kisii Governor Ongwae Finally Speaks Out

Kisii-based rapper Smallz Lethal (centre) in his viral song I'm Offended, released in April 2020

Veteran rapper Jim Nyamwaka Nyakundi aka Smallz Lethal has finally spoken out after being arrested for criticizing Kisii Governor James Ongwae in latest song dubbed ‘Im Offended’.

Speaking to local media house, Smallz said that they (authority) should follow the right procedures when arresting artists.

“I was arrested by some inspector and some guard, they were about three people. So nikapelekwa interrogation for about three hours,” he revealed.

File image of Kisii-based rapper Smallz Lethal

“Wakaniuliza story za defamation, mbona nimetaja watu flani flani kwa hiyo song nikawaambia wakitajwa hao ndio watu wanafaa kuwa accountable,” he continued.

“My plight is reflected in the song na plight ya mayouth wengi pia,” he added.

Smallz Lethal’s song expressed his frustrations with Kisii County, accusing the leadership of engaging in corruption and stalling development projects in the county.

File image of Kisii Governor James Ongwae

In the song, Lethal pokes holes at Ongwae’s administration, citing poor roads and embezzlement of money set apart for uplifting the youth.

Ongwae pia we umetuangushanga. Tusianzie mbali. Cheki barabara, aibu kubwa kwa watu wetu wa hapa. Na ile soko umekula mpaka mikeka. Yani wewe tu kuwa governor ni kua tu kejeli. (Ongwae, you have always let us down. Look at the poor state of our roads. This is a total shame to Kisii residents. You being a governor is a big joke),” Lethal sings.

Check out his full interview below:

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