Sahau Kunyonga Monkey! How You Can Avoid Falling Into Addictions This Quarantine

Lifestyle Changes Allow Addicts to Break Free from Addiction

Kenyans have been forced to adjust to a new way of life ever since COVID-19 cases were reported in the country. Although some might like the new routine and way of doing things, quarantine life has come with many challenges.

With some Kenyans spending most of their time indoors, this might be a big risk of many ending up falling into addictions; from gaming, poor eating habits, watching porn as well as masturbation.

Already, Kenyans have been cautioned against consuming content that may lead them to depression or other unhealthy or immoral behaviors. Content providers have also been called out for airing controversial shows like Club COVID by Xtian where ladies do all the wild stuff.

Some Kenyans have already confessed that so much of their time is consumed by excessive watching of online material.

To avoid falling into the addiction trap, here are some tips to help you

Draft your scheduled routine for the day– This will guide you to prioritize your daily activities and allocate time accordingly. Having a to-do list will help you avoid unnecessary activities that do not add value.

Avoid stress or being idle – we all know an idle mind is the devil’s workshop and having a lot of free time might tempt you into over engaging in some activities.  You can outline some free time activities like exercises and learning a new skill.

Look out for the warning signs– Never ignore the signs! monitoring your day to day activities can help you realize triggers that might lead you on to addiction and help you deal with it at the early stages.

Have someone who will put you in check– This can be very annoying but having someone who can constantly call you out when you are headed in the wrong direction might be very helpful

The goal is to ensure that everything is done with moderation and help shield you from dealing with adverse lifestyle conditions post COVID-19


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