Rafiki Film Remains Banned As Producer Loses Petition Against KFCB

Kenya Film Classification Board has finally won the case against Kenyan producer Wanuri Kahiu popular known for her film ‘Rafiki’ which was submitted for an Oscar nomination under the Best Foreign Language Film category.

KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua confirmed the court’s decision in a social media post revealing that the petition by the producer asking the court to lift the ban had been revoked.

According to the statement by Mutua, court cited that there was no good reason for the ban to be lifted.

“The Decision in Petition 313/2018 Wanuri Kahiu vs. KFCB has now been delivered. Petition failed, and was found to be without merit. Provisions of the Films Act upheld, actions of the Board found to be constitutional. Consequently, the Petition is dismissed with costs!” reads statement in part

In 2018, the KFCB boss made headlines after banning the overly hyped Kenyan film ‘Rafiki’ for promoting lesbianism and he backed up this move citing that homosexuality is illegal in the country. The producer, however, filed a petition in the attempt to have the ban lifted.

In response to the decision by the court, Rafiki producer Wanuri has expressed her disappointment revealing that they will continue fighting against laws that hinder democracy and deny artists the freedom of expression.

“Draconian laws not only impede the rights of creatives to exercise their right to freedom of expression, which includes freedom of artistic creativity, they are also inconsistent with the values that we seek to espouse as a nation through our constitution.

We will continue to fight against laws that have no place in our democratic Kenyan society.” Reads tweet

Despite this backlash, the ‘Rafiki’ film has been celebrated and well-received internationally since its official release.

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