Nairobi Man Burnt to Death in Buruburu Estate (Photos)


Auto crash: 18 passengers burnt to death in Ondo – The Sun Nigeria

A 36-year-old man, Terrence Korir was burnt to death in his Subaru car at Buru Buru Estate Phase 5 on 29th April 2020.

An eye witness revealed that this incident happened at around 7 a.m. The eye witness added that he heard that there was a man trapped inside a car and was on fire. He rushed with a blanket to help in distinguishing the fire.

“I ran outside with a blanket (to help in putting out the fire) on hearing that there was someone trapped inside a car that was on fire, sadly, the car blew up before I even made it out of my gate,” he said.

Nobody knows what led to the incident but the police have already begun investigations.

We still don’t know the events that led up to the sad incident. The firemen who came to the scene were also puzzled,” the eye witness added.

The fire was put off by Nairobi County Firefighters.

The photos have gone viral and they are quite disturbing. They feature a lifeless body that has been burnt to ashes and looked like the man was not able to rescue himself.

Here are the links of what transpired;

The middle-aged man is reported to have been married to a 29-year-old lady, Ruth Wanjiru and blessed with two children.

On 28th April 2020, it was reported a DCI lady officer from Nyayo Estate poured hot water on her husband after accusing him falsely of cheating.  He was rushed to the hospital and currently been treated.

During this quarantine period, there has been a rise in domestic violence which needs to be addressed to save the next generation.

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