5 Beauty Hacks of Honey You Should Know

8 Health Benefits of Honey and its Various Uses | Isha Sadhguru
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Time and again we keep learning that the kitchen is filled with hidden skin-care gems, for example, baking soda, avocado, just to name a few, and it wouldn’t be a surprise when honey is included in the list right?

Over the years, honey has been assumed to have one of the best ingredients if you wish to have flawless skin and healthy hair.

The golden fluid has been proved to be a great remedy for skincare, haircare, dietary problems and even weight loss. While we are not here to discuss the latter problems, we can surely share our expertise on its beauty benefits.

Here are some beauty benefits of using honey;


If you are not in the know, honey works as a gentle exfoliator to get rid of any dead skin cells. To make your own homemade scrub, you can mix a pinch of sugar with honey and gently massage to your face.

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Gives hair little more shine

Honey restores the lost moisture and the protein content locks it all in. So, when you use honey in the form of a hair mask, it brings the lost shine back while also adding volume to it.

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Reduces hair breakage

Honey is filled with a good amount of protein. This protein helps in repairing the damaged hair cuticle while the moisturising properties lock in the moisture. This reduces any amount of breakage if used regularly.

Conditions hair


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Honey has natural moisturising properties which is why it not only makes the skin soft but also works in conditioning the hair by giving the hair cuticles the required hydration. Honey is filled with antioxidants and is used for healing wounds for ages now. This makes it effective for problems like hair loss.

Pore cleanser

Honey is loaded with anti-oxidants that have cleansing properties. It is an effective way to get rid of all the dirt from the pores while it also deals with removing any bacteria.

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