3 Simple Exercises that will Help you Stay in Shape During Lockdown

The Benefits of Walking for People With COPD

The lockdown period got everyone by surprise.

This is the time that some of you will add weight because it’s pray, eat and sleep routine.

To avoid gaining kilograms here are some exercises that will help you stay in shape during quarantine;

1. Brisk Walking. 

It’s simply an exercise that requires one to walk slow depending on their fitness levels. It can be done in the house or outdoors.

For example, walking to the supermarket/Soko, going to visit a friend around the neighbourhood and the likes.

This makes the muscles active and you will not hear yourself panting.

The Benefits of Walking for People With COPD


2. TV Work Outs 

Since going outside can be tricky at the moment, TV workouts will come in handy.

Try different work out sessions on Youtube and TV shows that air fitness programs. One simply follows the fitness instructor and most of the workouts go for one hour and a half. It’s up to you to choose the duration depending on your fitness levels.

The different types of exercises include; Zumba, cardio, ab workouts, aerobic, just to mention a few.

Just get gyming outfits and a mat and you are covered!

Peloton adds an Android TV app for streaming workouts at home ...


3. Engage in house chores. 

If you are not the kind that enjoys doing heavy exercising, doing house chores is an option.

Chores that will make your glands sweat include; gardening, washing the house, cleaning the window etc.

A study done by the Cambridge University discovered that doing house chores like cleaning windows you can lose 150 calories in 30 minutes,  gardening (up to 200 calories) and cleaning a whole flat is equivalent to a 5-mile run.

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