Twinning! Jolene’s Daughter is a Carbon Copy of Her Famous Mum (Photo)

Miss Matubia (Instagram)

They say that the apple does not fall far from the tree and when it comes to Jackie Matubia and her daughter Zari, this statement rings 100% true.

Miss Matubia recently showed off her daughter who has grown into a 5-year-old version of her.

“Now out here all grown up where did time go?” Jackie posted.

Jackie’s daughter Zari (Instagram)
Jackie and her daughter Zari (Instagram)

Things are good with her daughter now but Jackie admits that her relationship with her daughter had a rough start because she was suffering from Postpartum depression

“I had these conflicting feelings of constantly wondering whether I should have waited to have a baby and when I tried going back to work, I felt like I was not being the best mum. I would wake up and cry for about two hours and I couldn’t get myself out of it,” she confessed to True Love magazine.


Jackie and her daughter Zari (Instagram)

Jackie revealed that suffering from depression after childbirth also caused a lot of friction in her marriage.

“It even caused some friction in my marriage because we were young first-time parents and during that period there wasn’t much awareness about such things,” she admitted.

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