‘He Locked Me Outside Naked For Breaking Him Up With Mpango wa Kando’- Heartbroken Wife Confesses

A heartbroken Kenyan woman has come out to confess how her cheating hubby humiliated her by locking her outside naked.Read her full confession below:

I’m heartbroken. My husband beat me and humiliated me just because I chatted with his girlfriend and told her he is married.  The girl didn’t know he was married so the girl apologised to me and agreed to leave him for good which she did.

So that day he didn’t sleep at home. I was calling his line but he didn’t pick up, the next morning when he came at 6 am he started beating me and shouting at me because I separated her from him. I was only wearing wrapper when he pushed me out of the house and my wrapper fell on the floor, he took the wrapper and locked me out naked.

I was ashamed when I saw everybody in the compound coming and seeing me naked. I just wanted to die instantly until my neighbour gave me her wrapper to cover myself. People were knocking on the door for him to let me inside but he refused. My neighbour took me inside her house where I stayed for like 4 hours until he let me go inside.

I’m pained to see the man who said he should love and protect me toss me naked in front of everybody in the compound, I can’t even face my neighbours. I am so ashamed I just feel like dying. My husband has apologised to me but I hate him so much that I don’t think I will ever forgive him for embarrassing me. I don’t mind the beating but for him to throw me out naked, I don’t think I will be able to forgive. He keeps begging me, buying me gifts and I keep rejecting them.

My heart is bleeding and not ready to accept or forgive, I am waiting for this lockdown to end so I can move out with my daughter. I think it is the best decision but I would like to seek advice from you, what would you do if you were in my shoes? 

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