Miguna Miguna Expresses Concern Over The Death Of Ruth Matete’s Husband

Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna has expressed his thoughts in regard to the death of Ruth Matete’s husband; John Apewajoye following the details of the autopsy results.

Taking to his twitter page, Miguna raised a number of questions that he believes need an answer in order to establish events that led to death.

Miguna probed into the narrative of the gas cylinder accident asking why the apartment and the neighboring units were not affected by the explosion yet it happened at the balcony.

“On Ruth Matete and her deceased husband, we have a few questions. If the gas cylinder exploded in the veranda, how come the fire did not burn the apartment and neighbouring units? What or who caused the fire since Ruth has not said that her Beloved John started it?” he asked

According to Matete, the unfortunate incident that led to the death happened at the balcony where the husband tried to fix the gas.

He also questioned the possibility that John was deliberately set on fire and whether the burns were intended to cover up stab wounds.

Is it possible that Ruth’s Beloved John was DELIBERATELY set on fire before self-serving calls went out to “neighbours?” Could the burns be a ploy to COVER up stab wounds and other injuries inflicted on Ruth’s Beloved John earlier? These are the QUESTIONS that need answers.

Although the autopsy results did not mention of stab wounds, this narrative might have been triggered after a Nigerian man accused Matete of being violent towards her late husband.

According to the chief government pathologist, Dr. Johansen Oduor; Matete’s husband died from complications that resulted from the 60 percent burns he suffered at their home on March 30.

Following the results, the Nigerian Embassy requested the DCI to hold the body until they give consent of the burial.





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