7 Ways Kenyans In Mandatory Quarantine Can Pass Time


Kenyan quarantine centres are in worse state than jails : The Standard

With limited freedom of movement since the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, so many things have changed and you might be struggling to get used to the new way of life.

Whether you are quarantined at the comfort of your home or in a government facility there are shared challenges like loneliness and boredom that you may experience.

The government is currently implementing the directive to put anyone defying the curfew rules in mandatory quarantine and the privilege of quarantining from home might be cut short if you are caught up on the wrong side of the law.

Already a number of Kenyans are in quarantine and some have revealed that the conditions are not favorable.  Regardless of the circumstances; here are some of the ways you can pass time while in quarantine.


If this has always been part of your routine, you might miss hitting the gym. However, indoor exercises are equally effective.

This will not only help you pass time; the good thing about it is it will help you keep fit and build your immunity.

Talk to friends and family on social media

If you are in mandatory quarantine this could mean you are off your usual busy routine.

This might be the best time to check up on friends and family for purposes of keeping in touch with the outside world.

Be active on social media

There is so much content you can engage with on social media platforms. Beyond getting entertained or consuming informative content, you can make new friends too.

Go for a nature walk within the compound

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Getting fresh air once in a while is refreshing and relaxing. You can spare time to connect with nature the best way you know.

Look out for entertaining virtual events

Kill the boredom with Quarantine parties! Celebrities have been making the most out of this quarantine period and have been hosting shows and live concerts to keep their fans entertained.

You can light up your mood by finding out when your favorite celebrity will be hosting their next virtual concert.

Play online games

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You can jog your brain by tackling a few puzzles or engage in other simpler games.

Take part in quarantine challenges

You’ve probably heard of the ‘utawezana’ and ‘don’t rush’ challenge. You don’t have to be the next ‘Azziad Nasenya’..it doesn’t have to be perfect but you can do it just for fun.

Watch movies

You might not have the privilege of accessing the internet but if you do, movies and series can keep you engaged.

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