Kagwe Sarcastically Reveals Herbalist Has Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe confirmed 16 more Coronavirus positive cases.

The new development puts the total tally in the country to 262.

Out of the 16, 15 are Kenyans while the other is a foreigner.

The CS noted that neither of the new cases had a travel history.

Kagwe during the daily briefing, sarcastically pointed out that among the latest cases was a herbalist.

The former senator for Nyeri Country noted that the man was 84 years of age, the oldest within the age bracket of the latest cases.

“I can also add that the 84-year-old was a person who believed in treating people via herbal medicines. A herbalist,” commented the Health CS.

The tough-talking leader also highlighted that Homa Bay County recorded its first case after individuals flouted the travel ban in place.

According to the government official, the people used private means in the disguise of travelling for a funeral.

He articulated that the coffin in their possession was empty.

“A group of people travelled to Homa Bay in a private vehicle pretending to be going for a funeral with an empty coffin.

“They were immediately put in quarantine, today I can confirm that the driver is positive. This person has now taken the disease to Homa Bay,” stated Kagwe.

The composed Kagwe mentioned that the country was on red alert and Kenyans needed to be more cautious.

The Health CS finally expressed his disappointment for people who are calling for a lockdown yet could not follow the measures in place.

He pointed out that if citizens wanted a lockdown so badly, they should do it while in their house first.

“We have asked people to stay in Nairobi yet some are still managing to sneak out…We are telling people to stay at home and some people want a lockdown. If you are so keen on a lockdown, why can’t you lockdown yourself in your house first?”  questioned the government official.

In addition, the politician noted that Kenyans should not wait for him or President Uhuru Kenyatta to issue for a lockdown for them to do it.

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