JUST IN: Coronavirus Number Rises with 4 New Cases

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has announced that 4 more people have tested positive for the Coronavirus disease.

The four include three Kenyans and one Pakistani national.

The latest development takes the total tally of people infected with the virus to 126.

Kagwe further noted that 372 people had been tested in the last 24 hours.

The CS explained that two of the new cases had travelled to Malawi and Pakistan while the other two contracted the disease within the country.

The four individuals included three males and one female.

The tough-talking leader noted that 1,866  out of 2,000 people in quarantine, had been tested with 184 more yet to go through the procedure.

The no-nonsense Kagwe remarked that Kenyans needed to follow the strict measures put in place in the fight against Coronavirus.

He ordered that all individuals flocking supermarkets and open-air markets, had to wear a mask in order to curb the transmission locally.

“People visiting supermarkets & other open-air markets to wear masks to begin to prevent transmission. Looking at global statistics; the youth are the ones contacting the disease most & are safer than older people, causing the older people to die in larger numbers,” stated the Health CS.

The latest development comes a day after the nation recorded its fourth death, since the confirmation of the disease in the country in March.

Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi on Friday revealed that a 6-year-old boy, had succumbed to the deadly virus after being admitted at KNH.

According to Mwangangi, the boy suffered from other ailments which made it hard for the deceased to fight off the disease.

Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi during a past presser

She also noted that 12 more people were identified to be Covid-19 positive after tests had been carried out.

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