Kenyan Woman Dating Married Man Opens Up on Dilemma

Dating a married man or woman is not all its cut out to be.

For starters, for religious people, it is a grave sin as Marriage is sacred. While many sponsors are married men in today’s society, slay queens have managed to keep that relationship strictly business.

However, there are a few women who fall deeply in love with these men and for them, the journey has a lot of hurt. This is because most of them expect these men to leave their families. Some are successful while others aren’t.

Here is a confession of a woman caught in between the crossfires and experiencing first hand what such a relationship could do to a person.

So I started dating a married guy, later the wife came to know about our affair and she went.

That was in November. The guy promised marriage after the wife left, but came to find out the guy has been begging the wife warudiane. When I asked him he says he only talks to her to ask about their son but there is even evidence its more than that.

The guy had even promised to go see my parents. So what do you guys think niachane na yeye or I fight for our love?

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