Why Betty Kyalo Believes Lockdown is the Best Option for Kenya


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Celebrated TV personality Betty Kyallo says that the only way Kenya can control the spread of the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is a total lockdown of the country.

Taking to her Twitter account, Betty said that the government needs to contain the dreadful virus as soon as possible to avoid going the Italy way.

Adding that Kenyans stop taking Coronavirus outbreak as a joke and maintain social distance.

“Are we doing enough really? Italy started with 2 cases end of January, now they have 59,000+ confirmed cases, over 5,500 deaths. Kenyans are not changing. We are still playing with death. #LockDownKenya, “reads part of Betty’s tweet.

The TV beauty queen went on to explain that if one gets infected he/she can’t work/hustle so it’s better to first take care of our health and that of our children and that the government should take care of the less fortunate.

“Imagine it like this. If you get Infected you can’t work/hustle so first we take care of our health and that of our children. The government should take care of the less fortunate, other countries are doing it,” she explained.
So far, Kenya has confirmed 15 cases of coronavirus and the government is trying so hard to put in measures in order to contain the spread of the dreadful virus.

However, her tweet has mixed reactions with some seconding her while others are against arguing that a total lockdown will affect business and casual labors who depend on hand to mouth will suffer a lot.

Here are some of the reactions.







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