Corona Itakumaliza! Churchill Show Comedian Blasted Wearing Same Outfit Two Days in a Row

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It seems ridiculous to wear same outfit two days in a raw especially for the celebrities, who are under constant public pressure.
Since there is an unspoken rule saying that public figures shouldn’t wear the same clothes twice  it’s considered bad manners.
Churchill Show comedian David Oyando, better known as Mulamwah, has faced the wrath of Kenyans after stepping out wearing the same outfit two days in a raw.
Mulamwah, who is currently at his home town, shared a photo of him on his twitter account enjoying breakfast wearing the same outfits he wore the previous day thinking he will go unnoticed.
However, irate tweeters, who noticed him wearing the same outfit landed on him mercilessly with insults.

“Breakfast at home , vuchieni na chai tikini , kila kitu saizi ni home tu ata radio naskiza hometheatre pekee,” he wrote.

The previous day, Mulamwah shared a photo of him in a white T-Shirt and black sweatpants when he visited his former primary school the same outfit he was spotted in today.

“Visiting my former primary school, Legacy school Kitale,Wewe ulisomea wapi primo ? Bado iko ama ni ofisi ya chief saizi ?”. he asked.
Following the outbreak of the dreadful Coronavirus across the world, citizens have been advised to practice good personal hygiene to avoid the spread of the virus.


Here is his yesterday’s tweet in the same outfit.


Here are some of the comments






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