Rev Kathy Kiuna Slammed Online for Holding Church Service Amid Corona Outbreak (Photos)

Rev Kathy Kiuna (Instagram)

Jubilee Christian Church’s preacher Rev Kathy Kiuna has come under fire for holding a church service amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Jcc parklands. All ready, rules observed and set to give hope. With God, nothing shall be impossible,” Kathy announced.

JCC Parklands (Instagram)

Netizens accused Kathy of putting many lives at risk by holding the services even as they claimed that they have put in measures to prevent the spread of the disease that has so far claimed thousands of lives.

JCC Parklands (K24 Live Stream)

Earlier on, JCC sent out a message detailing the measures they had taken to prevent the spread.

We have carried out thorough and extensive cleaning of our premises and will continue throughout the service and after. Enough soap, running water and sanitizers will be provided at the church’s entrances. We have rearranged the sittings pace inside the sanctuary to minimize physical contact to observe distancing,” read part of their announcement.


JCC’s announcement (Instagram)


However, despite the measures they had taken, Kenyans were not amused and accused her of putting many lives at risk when the service could have been held online and offerings sent through M-Pesa.

Check out some of the reactions below:

trizahmwangi2015: Avoid gatherings, preach online guys take this thing seriously, Kenya cannot manage covid19 , take precautions let everyone listen and stay at home, avoid avoid gatherings

njenga.danny: This Country has NO capacity like China,UK,USA, and other superpowers..why don’t we pray at home prevention is better. We can still send our offerings Via M-Pesa.

Njerimasimane: But people will come in through the same doors probably not one by one and use public transport etc. This is a good move but it’s better to just not have physical meetings at all.

Shikocathy: Why not preach online? Who knows who got what?

Loymburia: This is naked! I was not expecting this from you Madam.Those are more than 50 seats in that room! Please be a good example and stop misguiding pple.

Kamothodiana: I live in Germany and everything is on lockdown. Even play parks are closed and kids are forced to stay home. Not because we are sick, but to slow down the spread and avoid an Italy situation. Please preach online and collect offerings via Mpesa. Wisdom is profitable to direct. Kenya doesn’t have the resources to handle Corona

imeru_wambui: I thought churches and Mosques got closed.. Can we just please follow the instructions put in place.

Wahitotravels: It is still possible to worship and preach online…it does not undermine the power of God… I hope we don’t regret this..

Loymburia: Am very mad coz I work in a hospital and I know how other pple are feeling when they burry their family members every day! And yet someone is convincing pple to go to church to pray.

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