Kenyans Turn to Methylated Spirit after Sanitizers Demand Surges

A section of Kenyans are turning to methylated spirit after demand for hand sanitizers shot through the roof with the confirmation of Coronavirus cases in Kenya.

Nairobi residents stormed supermarkets from Friday, March 13 to stock up in readiness for a looming shortage as the Coronavirus pandemic grows worse.

Methylated Spirit. PHOTO Courtesy

Much of the items purchased in bulk were hand sanitizers, liquid Dettol antiseptic liquid and toilet papers.

However, medics have cautioned that the sanitizers’ alcohol content was too low to provide any tangible benefits as that which is effective is 60%.

In response, Kenyans are looking at methylated spirits with between 70%-90% alcohol content.

A Twitter user named Peter Ayoma even wondered how Jack Daniels was insufficient to even act as a sanitizer.

Jack Daniels has an alcohol content of 35 % while Smirnoff Vodka has a 40% alcohol content.

A section of Kenyans is also suspecting an influx of counterfeit hand sanitizers even as demand increases.

President Kenyatta on Sunday, March 15 announced two more cases of confirmed Coronavirus and ordered the closure of all schools as a precautionary measure.

Kenyatta would also bar all flights into Kenya from countries with confirmed Coronavirus cases.



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