Govt Orders Supermarket to Refund Overcharged Customers

Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) has ordered a popular Supermarket to refund all customers who were overcharged on hand sanitizers.

Giving a 10-day ultimatum, CAK  ordered Cleanshelf supermarket for selling the Tropikal hand sanitizer of 500ml at a cost exceeding the stipulated Ksh800.

A supermarket trolley. PHOTO: Courtesy

This was after customers lodged complaints that the retailer had been increasing the price with each passing hour on the Sunday of  March 15.

Some customers are said to have been forced to buy the Ksh800 product at more than Ksh1000.

In a tough ultimatum, CAK has ordered Cleanshelf Supermarket to contact all the customers who bought their over 960 pieces of Tropikal hand sanitizer and refund them.

Image result for Kenya Supermarkets cleanshelf
Cleanshelf supermarket. PHOTO: Courtesy

The body has also ordered the supermarket to provide proof of evidence of the refunds.

Additionally, CAK has called for members of the public to report any cases of exploitation across the country during the outbreak of Coronavirus.


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