Raphael Tuju Speaks on his Biggest Fear After Suffering 2 Deadly Accidents

Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju made the first public appearance on Thursday afternoon after suffering a grisly road accident February 12, 2020.

This was not the first accident he was involved in as he was also a victim of a plane crash in 2003 when he was a Minister for Tourism.

Tuju’s first appearance after UK treatment; Photo Courtesy

In a press conference held at the Karen hospital, he said that the pain that he has felt from his involvement in the two accidents is so severe.

“I have many enemies in this country but the pain that I felt, I wouldn’t wish any of my enemies to feel the same,” stated Tuju.

While attesting to the plane and car accidents he has suffered, a satirical Tuju noted that his greatest fear now is to be involved in a boda boda Accident.

Jubilee’s SG further urged Kenyans to appreciate the fact that they are alive and healthy. “Thank God for the privilege to stand up, go to the bathroom and even brush your teeth.”

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Wreckage of Tuju’s vehicle; Photo Courtesy

His regret, he said, is not being able to participate in the oncoming Heart run that will be held at Carnivore grounds on Saturday.

The legislator has been a huge supporter of the course by the Karen Hospital to do fundraising for children with heart complications.

Karen Hospital CEO Betty Gikonyo described him as a blessing to the annual event as he has been a participant for 27 years.

The road accident on Nakuru- Nairobi Highway left a frail of injuries on the body of SG. He suffered severe injuries in several body organs including his ribs, intestines, lungs and spine.

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