Daredevil! Boniface Mwangi Shares His Life Story as a Snake Smuggler

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Activist Boniface Mwangi has shocked his followers after sharing his past story when he used to smuggle snakes.

It seems he has always been a risk-taker. He narrated how he met a man known as Dr. William. He was a snake charmer and had a python in his collection.

Out of curiosity, Mwangi decided to visit him and shared his interest in the snake business.

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Since he would previously attend the Agriculture Society of Kenya Nairobi International Show to sell success cards and teddy bears, he took this opportunity to showcase the snakes in the ASK Show too.

“I traveled to Baringo and found the snake charmer, a ‘Dr William’. ‘Dr William’ and I struck a deal. He explained to me the kind of cages he would need for the snakes. He also told me how he was able to secretly travel with snakes in a public vehicle from Baringo to Nairobi We smuggled the snakes into the showground and set up shop,” he said.

Being a Christian, he feared writing the snake’s name to advertise it in the show and opted to shout its name to the visitors.

“I stood outside my showroom shouting “Kuja uone Omweri” which is Swahili for “Come see Omieri.” We made little money, far less than I expected. But I made good my promise and paid “Dr William” for bringing his snake to Nairobi,” he said.

Mwangi is well known for his braveness and a daredevil attitude. Nothing shakes him when he knows he is doing right.

Many are times he refuses to allow the VIPs to use the wrong way to evade traffic jam even after being threatened by their security personnel.

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