Why Ruto Could Lose Against Raila in 2022 – Joshua Kutuny

With just two years remaining before the 2022 presidential race, Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny has stepped in to give his probable predictions ahead of the race.

Speaking on Tuesday evening when he appeared at NTV’s SideBar show, the legislator wondered why leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto were busy boasting about the numbers the DP has in the country while disregarding Raila’s influence.

According to him, the principle behind the formation of the Jubilee party and the UhuRuto slogan used in the last two general elections was to neutralize Raila’s big influence in the country which was very hard to be dealt with by Ruto and Uhuru on separate ways.

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“If you go back and ask yourself the principle behind Jubilee and UhuRuto slogan, you will know who has numbers…the philosophy behind this, was that if you had Ruto or Uhuru running against Raila alone, none will beat Raila,” stated Kutuny.

“The person who had numbers at the time and has been constant, over 8million, is Raila…and if you want to measure the numbers, you will only measure UhuRuto numbers when they are together, against Raila,” added Kutuny.

While indirectly predicting Raila’s huge victory in 2022, Kutuny claimed that Ruto should prepare for a shocker should he go into 2022 without Uhur’s support.

The Ruto rebel MP rubbished the alleged chest thumpings by some Tanga-tanga claiming Ruto was going to win without Uhuru’s support in 2022.

“If you want to talk about the politics of winning, then you must consider Uhuru’s support…but if you disregard Uhuru’s support, then you will be surprised,” added Cherang’any legislator.

Kutuny, who appeared alongside Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa, accused Ruto allies of thriving on threats and blackmailings saying the same will drive away more followers than they expect.

At the same time, Kutuny accused Ruto of crying foul while accusing junior officers in the government he is serving as the ones threatening his life. He challenged the DP to stand firm and prove his influence in the government as the second in command.

“It is laughable for DP Ruto to stand today and point fingers to some junior officers. I expect him to stand firm,” he stated

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