Why Natalie Tewa Was Forced To Buy Herself an Expensive Engagement Ring

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Sensational Youtuber Natalie Tewa has come out to reveal the fascinating reason why she was forced to buy herself an engagement ring.

The idea of getting an engagement ring is a western culture that has been widely embraced in the country.

According to pop culture, the engagement ring is usually bought by a man who intends to propose marriage to his lover. Some women have broken the norm by unconventionally proposing to the man and buying him the ring.

For Natalie however, the motivation wasn’t marriage, but just the opposite actually. The beauty blogger has had her fair share of heartbreak that literally broke the internet.

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She revealed to this Opera News ‘On The Scene’ host that she was forced to buy herself the ring to convey the message that she is taken to men approaching her.

“Honestly, I bought this for myself,” Natalie starts while showing off the huge rock on her finger.

“Sometimes I use it to tell guys like, sorry I’m taken,” she continued.

Natalie Tewa went ahead to reveal that she is indeed single but not searching. She described her ideal man as,” fun, supportive, also very genuine and has to like the finer things in life, have fine taste.”

Watch the full interview below;

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Posted by Opera News Kenya on Tuesday, 10 March 2020

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