Machachari Actress Stella Speaks On Dating Fatso

Machachari Actress Stella Speaks On Dating Fatso (Courtesy)

It feels like it was just the other day when Fatso (played by Mathew Owiti) and Stella (Natasha Ngegie) made their debut on popular TV show Machachari. Now they are all grown up and slaying on Instagram.

Photos of the two on the Gram looking super-cosy has attracted ‘couple goals’ comments from some fans while others have been asking if the two are together.

Machachari Actress Stella Speaks On Dating Fatso (Courtesy)

Now Natasha is putting the matter to rest by responding to fans’ questions in regards to her relationship with Fatso.

“No. Never. The question pops up so many times hadi inakaa kaa ni joke kwangu,” she revealed on Switch TV’s ‘Chatspot’ Show.

She also disclosed what she is up to since ‘Machachari’ was taken off air.

“I’ve been trying to join the music industry. I’ve been working on projects but they are not yet there. I can also do a bit of modelling,” the stunning actress divulged.

Love on Set

Although Natasha and Mathew haven’t had a romantic connection on set, Kate and Phil met on the set of ‘Mother-In-Law’.

That was in 2012 where Kate was an actress and Phil a director. They started off as friends before Phil decided to shoot his shot in 2013. Lucky for him, Kate also found him attractive

“He was my director pale Mother-in-law and when I was leaving, he helped me package myself into a brand, it (relationship) wasn’t serious at that time,” she disclosed during an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani.

Kate and Phil (Instagram)

The ‘Maempress’ actress also revealed the qualities that Phil holds that made her fall for him.

“That man is a man, organization, goals yaani kila kitu…leadership and then he is not kiherehere yaani he is just laid back and that’s my type. A laidback man, you never know what to expect. I think I’m too hyper so he lets me be me…I feel safe and I trusted him with my dreams and I still trust him with my dreams,” Kate said.

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