Speaker Muturi Wants President to be Elected by Political Parties

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has proposed party-based elections suggesting that the political formation with the most votes should be allowed to name the President and Deputy President to run the country.

Muturi who made presentations to the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) taskforce, wants governors to be vetted by the senate and not elected. He argued that the election of governors has undermined their accountability.

Speaker Justin Muturi

Additionally, Muturi wants political parties that fail to win any seat in the National Assembly during the general elections, to be struck off the register of political parties. He advised that stricter provisions should apply in the registration of new political parties.

He was presenting his views to the BBI Committee led by Yusuf Haji.


Further, Muturi said that the party that garners the second most votes should become the opposition party with its leader an official in the National Assembly.

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“Political competition in Kenya has been more about individuals wearing political party t-shirts. Theres need to entrench elections as a party issue and not individuals. This will institutionalize political competition,” Muturi told the Building Bridges Initiative taskforce.

He also proposed the scrapping of constituency boundaries.

“People should be represented on the basis of a formula on a specified number of representatives,” Muturi told the Yusuf Haji-led task force.

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