City Crackdown Nabs 20 Matatus

At least 20 matatus were nabbed and their drivers arrested in an operation by police officers in Mombasa City.

Police in the coastal town had mounted dragnet along all major roads Tuesday morning to bring to book non-compliant matatus.

Police officer in Mombasa arrests a matatu driver during a past crackdown. PHOTO: Courtesy

This comes just a month after police in Mombasa arrested 200 drivers and their vehicles in January in a move that almost paralyzed transport in the town.

Changamwe Police boss Issa Mohammed impounded hundreds of vehicles that had been ferrying school-going children back after the festive period.

Several lorries were nabbed in the operation that began at 4 am along the busy Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

The most common offences reported during the January crackdown were drivers lacking licences, worn-out tires and having faulty speed governers.

The drivers nabbed had been attempting to make a kill from the buzz of the opening of schools when the region’s traffic department struck.



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