Ephy Saint Speaks on Relationship With Brenda Wairimu

Ephy Saint and Brenda Wairimu (Courtesy)

For months now, it has been rumoured that Ephy Saint and Brenda Wairimu are an item. Though they have been a topic of conversation in many gossip groups, the duo has not addressed whether they are together or not.

However, Ephy Saint was in rare form recently and spoke on his relationship with Brenda Wairimu in an exchange with fans on Instagram.

“Kwa hivyo ni ukweli ulikua unadate Brenda😂😂,” asked one rozana_diamor and Ephy replied with “@rozana_diamor we see what we want. If the shoe fits…🤔🤗”

Ephy’s Post (Instagram)

Another fan who went by username soniiwa2018gmail.com8 asked, “Brenda Wairimu ndiye current ama mko related.”

Ephy responded with, “@soniiwa2018gmail.com8 wewe umelost kidogo gmail . hapa ni IG and we don’t converse with emails.”

Ephy’s Post (Instagram)

Questions about his relationship with Brenda were spurred by a collage of photos he shared on Instagram dedicated to the special women in his life on Women’s Day.

“Lemi just appreciate the women in my life God knows I care about you all differently and no matter what happens we move,” wrote Ephy.

Ephy’s Post (Instagram)


His message on Instagram attracted unwarranted backlash on Instagram after someone on Twitter called him a ‘low-budget’ Diamond. This was because singer Diamond had also shared a collage of the special women in his life including his baby mamas, sisters, mum, and even ex Wema Sepetu.

Responding to the backlash, Ephy wrote, “People should know there is a difference between Mother’s Day and Women’s Day. You don’t have to be his baby mama or girlfriend for him to appreciate you as a woman. Lakini poleni, sio mimi nilikula school fees yenu.”

Ephy’s Post (Instagram)

He also attacked a fan thinking she was Hamisa Mobetto for calling him a ‘low budget Diamond.’

Ephy’s Post (Instagram)

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