‘I Sleep Better at Night!’ Tanasha Reveals After Break Up With Diamond Platnumz

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Kenyan musician Tanasha Donna has revealed that she sleeps better now that her relationship with Bongo star Diamond Platnumz is over.

The much-celebrated relationship ended in tears after Tanasha packed her belonging and moved back to Kenya with her baby boy Naseeb Junior.

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Her dramatic exit featured a trail of messages hinting that her baby daddy is a narcassist. She also made a point to unfollow the whole of his family from all her social media accounts.

In the post seen an hour ago by Opera News, Tanasha has revealed that she can’t wait to see how karma deals with Diamond Platnumz.

“When people wrong you, never wrong them back. You can only fight evil with good. You’ll sleep better at night knowing all along you were real, genuine, loyal & not fake… as you sit back & relax for their karma to hit them,” read her post.

Check it out below:

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