Huyu Anaenda Home Kuhara! Kenyans Warn Doktari After Feeding on Too Much Food


Doktari! It’s the new name which refers to Gideon Moi since his father’s burial when he gave a speech and instead of referring to a doctor as daktari, he pronounced ut as doktari

Kenyans on twitter could not keep calm after a photo of him in a food join went viral feeding on nyama choma and chapati.

What bothered Kenyans was the reason as to why he chose wheat rather than going for ugali which goes well with nyama choma.

Not to wheat and soda! No sugar. No simple carbs doctari @amerix

— Leonard M’rewa (@leonardmrewa) March 4, 2020

Some people blasted him for what they felt was being a copycat. They said that he was copying DP Ruto who is used to feeding in a kibanda.

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