God Told Me Raila Would Lose Voice at Meru BBI Rally – Preacher Claims; He is a Criminal – CS Macharia Calls KQ Whistleblower & Don’t Behave Like Witches, Anti-BBI Leaders Told

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While the rest of the country was preoccupied debating whether reggae should continue or not, one Bahati, the gospel artiste, was busy stopping Gengetone.

Let’s admit it, this music genre will always be associated with the nastiest of the lyrics, and trying to fit the gospel message into the, nevertheless, catchy beats of Gengetone, is an outrageous attempt to remain relevant.

Imagine a gospel track titled ‘Taniua!’

With the backlash the singer attracted after he collaborated with the Boondocks Gang, one would expect him to rethink his musical strategy, but no, it appears he enjoys the negative attention, if his latest jam, alongside the Kansoul, Kererembe, is anything to go by.

From his highly criticized marriage to an older woman, to his reality show, which many love to hate, we understand why Bahati might feel obliged to try and keep up with the industry trends, but there is a thick line between the secular and the gospel worlds.

Bahati, if you are reading this, for the sake of all your fans, kindly pick a struggle!

That way, things will work better, as opposed to fence-sitting and confusing everyone who adores you.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Kisii preacher claims God told him Raila would lose his voice at Meru BBI rally

ODM leader Raila Odinga at Kinoru Stadium in Meru County.

A Kisii preacher has set tongues wagging after claiming he foresaw God interfering with the voices of Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) proponents at the Meru BBI rally that was held at Kinoru Stadium on Saturday, February 29.

Peter Morwabe of the Gospel Embassy church said God was angry with the BBI agenda in a vision communicated to him in the morning of Saturday, February 29.

In an interview with K24, the man of cloth said the Lord was against the initiative as it has divided Kenyans along ethnic and political lines.

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Gire Ali is a criminal, Macharia says of KQ whistleblower

Suspended Kenya Airways (KQ) employee Gire Ali reacts during an interview on February 28, 2020.

Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia yesterday clashed with Members of Parliament over the decision by Kenya Airways (KQ) to suspend an employee, Mr. Gire Ali, for recording a video that exposed the arrival of a China Southern Airlines plane ferrying 239 passengers.

Members of joint Health Committees of the Senate and National Assembly took on the CS after he defended the national carrier over its decision to suspend Mr. Ali.

The committee was of the view that Mr. Ali’s act had saved the country from possible coronavirus infection and exhorted the State to honor instead.

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Don’t behave like witches, Coast anti-BBI leaders told

REFUSE MADMEN’S ADVICE: Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi at Mtwapa on March 4.

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi has likened Coast leaders opposed to the BBI to witches who never want others to prosper.

Kingi said the BBI is an opportunity for Coast residents to unshackle themselves from years of marginalization and to realize regional supremo Ronald Ngala’s dream of a regional government.

Speaking in Mtwapa on Wednesday afternoon, the governor said those opposed to the BBI deliberately do not talk about the good things that the report has but only dwell on positions to be created.

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With the Kenya Defense Forces finally set to leave Somalia, do you think things will worsen in the Al-Shabaab ridden nation, or is it now stable enough to handle its own affairs, keeping in mind the recent clashes in Jubaland instigated by Somali forces?

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