Wololo Ni Kubaya! Mwai Kibaki’s Sexy Grandson Expresses Interest In Sugar Mummies


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Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew is fed up with young ladies who are head over heels for him.

The USIU student took to his Twitter to announce he is looking for a sugar mummy. He added that they should only be serious applicants and they can privately chat him to review the terms and conditions.

“I think it’s time to say “I need a Sugar Mummy” (serious applicants only!) DM me please we review terms and conditions,” captioned Sean.

For the ones that know him well, they had a feeling he is joking since he is known for making dummy captions. After all, it’s never that serious.

He later replied and urged his fans to not take him seriously.

“Please don’t take me seriously there’s a reason it’s in quotes,” he commented.

Sean Andrew dated Youtuber Elodie Zone but their relationship had to come to an end. Everyone admired their relationship and were always referred to as couple goals. Look at them, they are blessed with jawdropping looks, banging bodies, raised in rich families and had a bright future ahead of them.

Elodie had revealed in an Interview with SDE that their relationship was quite toxic.

“There is a number of reasons, to just wrap all the reasons up in a sentence, it was a very toxic relationship. Whether you knew that person and me during the relationship or whether you saw what happened on social media after the relationship ended then you’d see for yourself it was a very toxic relationship. A lot of the posts are still up through screenshots and whatnot. There was a lot of hate and backlash primarily coming from his side. I’ve done my best to leave it in the past so what I can do is continue to grow, learn and keep going, she confessed.

Nobody saw this coming but it is what it is. Elodie Zone is currently in a relationship while Sean is single and searching.

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