Wanawake Amkeni! Reasons Why Diamond Platnumz will Never Settle Down

Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platnumz has been referred to as The King of the jungle in East Africa.

He has a tendency of dating beautiful women for a few months and then he leaves after he has filled their womb with his seeds. After all with his flashy lifestyle, fame, petite well-built body, sleek cars and his eclectic fashion sense which woman would not want Diamond to be her ‘, baby daddy’.

Did you know the Baba Lao hitmaker has dated more than 15 East Africa celebrities? From Zari Hassan, Wema Sepetu, Hawa, Jokate Mwongelo, Penniel Mungwila, Jacquline Wolper,  Irene Uwouya, Hamissa Mobetto to our pretty Tanasha Donna. His body count must be unimaginable but do they care? Definitely no!

Many women know what they want when they decide to date the Bongo star. Most of them want to become famous and make their businesses blossom while others just want him to be the ‘baby daddy’.

Just after we thought Tanasha Donna may be the luckiest woman to walk down the aisle with Diamond, we had it all wrong. The couple is said to have parted ways which proved that the award-winning artist will never settle for one woman.

To all the ladies, before you fall in Diamond’s trap. Here are the reasons he will never put a ring on your finger;

1. He can’t resist beautiful women. With all honesty, Diamond has dated hot women and it’s quite evident he can’t get enough of them. Hashibi.

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2. He is among the most famous African celebrity worldwide.

In the celeb industry, it’s not easy for some entertainers to settle down. Diamond is a big name worldwide,  and he meets many beautiful women. By the time he will decide to settle down, it will take time. He wants all of them with him.

3. Beautiful women cannot resist him. 

Diamond is glowing after he made it and you may not be shocked if there are ladies that pursue him.

Every woman wants to be seen with him after all that is the attention he wants.

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4. He has uncountable baby mamas.

Besides the famous women he has dated, there might be other secret baby mamas we don’t know of.

Dating him will be very challenging so before you get pregnant, think twice or you will end up raising your child solo.

Two kids with Zari Hassan, One child with Tanasha Donna, One child with Hamisa Mobetto. 

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5. He does not look like the type that would settle down.

He has been in endless relationships plus he has proved he cannot marry and be content with one woman.

6. He seems to be the kind of guy that has no feelings or emotion when in a relationship. 

When you are in love you can tell via the body language.

But for Diamond, it’s quite different. He looks like the kind of man that has blocked his mind regards love since he is not ready.

7. He is not ready to commit. 

It’s evident!

A man jumping from one woman to the other that communicates he still wants to play around before getting a serious woman.

Sometimes, it’s not about the looks only. A smart mind and decency go a long way.



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