The Only Woman Diamond Might Marry – Singer’s Relative Reveals

Diamond Platnumz (Instagram)

Following news of his breakup with Tanasha, fans were convinced that Diamond simply cannot be tamed.

Some of his relatives hold the same view and believe that Diamond is too young to be tamed, he is at his peak both physically and financially and he should enjoy life to the fullest. This is according to his close relative Juma Lokole.

“Diamond is a star with money, no woman can resist him. If Diamond hits on you, you should have a goal in mind, even though love can change your mind. Most women don’t know how to make the most out of their relationship with Diamond. Many women lose focus then claim that Diamond has played them. Build yourself first then pursue love later,” Lokole told Mwendokasi TV.

Juma then went on to add that most of the women who approach Diamond are so hungry for fame that they rush into pregnancy before securing a ring. He then advised Diamond to have sex with these women who approach him, when the time comes they will find a village girl to marry him.

“Diamond is young, he should have sex more, when it comes to marriage, we will find a village girl for him. Every woman who approached Diamond has an agenda, so when they come he should have sex with them,” Lokole added.

Diamond (Instagram)

He also refused to address claims that it’s over between Tanasha and Diamond by saying that the announcement should come from the horses’ mouths.

“I don’t want to address it for now until there is an official announcement. I can say they have split and maybe they have not split, let’s see how it goes,” he said.

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