Prophet Owour’s Dark Secrets Come Back to Haunt Him

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Ministry of Holiness and Repentance founder Prophet David Owour is trending once again after his former congregants joined forces to expose his dark secrets.

The Ex-Repentance followers have accused Owour of running a cult, one that has ruined lives and at the core of it is the fear and veneration of Prophet Owuor.

The self-proclaimed ‘Mightiest Prophet of the Lord” has built arguably one of the biggest denominations in Kenya. He is claimed to perform miracles and tells his followers that he speaks with God in person.

But it seems like all that is a scam.

Here are some of the dark secrets that have come back to haunt him.

Fake Miracles

We have witnessed Prophet Owour claiming to have healed the sick, bizarre things happening during his many crusades, however, one of his ex youth pastor disclosed that all that was nothing but a scam.

“Our problems on matters health: Owuor’s most useful bait. He will promise healings that never take place and parade fake healing testimonies to sustain people around his dens as he milks them dry. To him, our misery should be well exploited. #OwuorExposed,”





Taking Credits of tragedies

The Holiness and repentance founder claimed that he prophesied, the Locust invasion, coronavirus and the recent stampede at Kakamega primary school.

Extorting money from his followers

It’s alleged that the self-proclaimed prophet’s lavish lifestyle is sponsored by his followers. Some have accused him of grabbing properties from his congregants.

“They collect money using beautiful terms such as,”building a house for Elijah”,the lords project etc.Each altar is allocated a target amount of money to contribute,”one of his ex follower revealed.
“Its a cover up. He pretends not collecting money openly. But behind the scenes he has set up a system of collecting a fortune from the members who not only have to pay tithe & offerings, but have to set a portion of their income monthly 4 the prophet & his Bigshops #OwuorExposed”

Threatening his congregants with deadly diseases

One of his former fellows revealed that Prophet Owour uses blackmails on his congregants if you mistakenly touch his hand or disobey him you get cancer.

“If you mistakenly touch Owuor’s hand, you get a cancer. If you disagree with Owuor, you get a cancer. This instills a lot of fear among his followers. You only leave Owuor’s camp if you are ready for such ‘consequences’. #OwuorExposed,”he said.


Destroying families

His many crusades has been linked to the breaking up of families.

“Many family units have even been destroyed because of him. I know of cases where parents are so lost into Owuorism and are even separating from their own children. Infact they have already cut off their non-owuorian relatives. People need to speak out”





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