My Pastor Husband Wanted to Kill Me, Impregnated Our Housegirl – ‘Pambazuka na Yesu’ Singer Says

Joan during her interview with Kikuyu Diaspora TV (YouTube)

In 2013, ‘Pambazuka na Yesu’ singer Joan Wairimu and her husband Bishop William Musyoki Mwangangi broke up after a rocky marriage.

News of their acrimonious divorce was splattered across tabloids and newspapers in Kenya with each party levelling jarring accusations at each other.

Wairimu accused her husband of being adulterous and being both physically and emotionally abusive.

Mwangangi, on the other hand, accused his wife of absconding her wifely duties, being cruel to him, being adulterous, watching pornography and denying him conjugal rights.

Joan in 2016 (Facebook)

7 years after this saga, Wairimu who has since relocated to Canada is giving her side of the story now that she is emotionally stronger after healing from two decades of a toxic marriage.

Speaking on Kikuyu Diaspora TV, Miss Wairimu accused her husband of beating her, trying to kill her, stalking her, embarrassing her and sleeping with not only her house help but her spiritual daughters too.

Her husband’s philandering ways even put their son in danger after a nanny poisoned him because she was pregnant with Mwangangi’s child.

“My house girl poisoned my son when I was away at a fasting seminar. The pharmacist called me to come and collect my child and rush him to hospital as he had been given cockroach poison. My help told me that she confused the cockroach poison with Calpol. I believed her because we were very close having lived with her for four years. Thankfully my child survived,” Wairimu disclosed.

The ‘Kunywa Maji’ songbird later came to learn that she had been harbouring a snake in her house.

“I came to realize later that the househelp was pregnant by my husband. I didn’t know what was happening until she left. I came to realize later that the same time I was pregnant with my last born daughter my househelp was pregnant with my husband’s baby. I now know that the poisoning was intentional because she was pregnant by my husband. I called her up,  she confessed and said that she couldn’t tell me earlier as she didn’t want to break my heart,” Joan emotionally recounted.

An emotional Joan during the interview (KDTV)

The Queens Ministry International founder admits that she knew that her marriage was doomed from the very start but she decided to try and make the best out of it.

She tolerated his violence, his womanizing ways, his public and private humiliation but the tipping point was when her husband denied that he was the father of their 3 children.

“It was the most painful thing ever,” she emotionally recounted because her children had to be subjected to DNA tests.

Following this indignity, she knew that for the sake of her children and her life, she had to walk away.

“It took great courage, it took great strength,” she confessed.

Watch the full interview below:

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