5 Ways Tanasha’s Life Has Changed Since Meeting Diamond

Ways Tanasha’s life has changed since meeting Diamond (Instagram)

Word on the street is that we have seen the end of one of the most prolific relationships in East Africa, that of Tanasha and Diamond.

Despite the fallout, Tanasha is still winning because she really outdid herself with this dating move in terms of her career and fame. More good than bad has come out of her relationship with Diamond.

Below 5 ways Tanasha’s life has changed for the better since meeting Diamond:

Her Following

Ways Tanasha’s life has changed since meeting Diamond (Instagram)

Before Diamond and Tanasha went public with their relationship in December 2018, she was struggling on Instagram with approximately 40,000 followers in November 2018. Her account has grown expeditiously since she started dating the ‘Jeje’ singer as she now stands at 1.8 Million followers.

The boom in her Instagram profile can be attributed largely to Tanzanians who are very active on the gram. The snowballing effect has been seen with Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto who have 7.2 Million and 5.5 Million followers respectively.


Ways Tanasha’s life has changed since meeting Diamond (Instagram)

If you Google Tanasha’s articles dating back to late 2018, she is introduced as ‘Nick Mutuma’s ex-girlfriend’ or ‘Nagharamia video vixen’. Now Tanasha’s star has shone brighter than those who introduced her to the showbiz game as she is now at par with fellow mononymous singers like Wahu, Nyashinski, and Diamond.


Ways Tanasha’s life has changed since meeting Diamond (Instagram)

Thanks to Diamond, Tanasha is getting that bag thanks to deals with companies like Infinix and as the brand ambassador of Ley Jewellers, a Tanzanian jewellery company.

In addition, Tanasha in banking on her fame and making a quick buck out of club appearances which are usually reserved for celebrities who are popping at the moment.

Lifestyle Has Changed

Ways Tanasha’s life has changed since meeting Diamond (Instagram)

Before Diamond, Tanasha would probably go to a local kibanda and buy smokies, but with her new-found fame, she needs bodyguards and an entourage.

Tanasha is enjoying a better lifestyle since meeting Diamond as demonstrated by her pictures on Instagram. For her 24th birthday, Tanasha went all out with an exclusive great-Gatsby themed party that had all the trappings of the roaring 20s.

A Child

Ways Tanasha’s life has changed since meeting Diamond (Instagram)

Apart from her child fulfilling her life, Tanasha is now a mum to an heir.

Little Naseeb will definitely have a piece of Diamond’s property in the future. So in a way Tanasha has not only snagged herself a son but has also secured the bag through child support.

Her Music Career Has Taken Off

For a long time, Tanasha wanted to be a superstar but it wasn’t until she met Diamond that her music career took off.

Armed with her new-found fame, Tanasha quit her job at NRG radio for a career as a musician.

“I am no longer working at NRG but NRG is forever family and I still get a lot of support from them. Shout out to NRG,” she said.

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