Beef Alert! Bahati Savagely Attacks Top Kenyan Deejay

Gospel Singer Bahati has fired back at popular Homeboyz radio DJ; G Money after he claimed that he did not know him. G Money was responding to a tweet by Shaffie Weru after he asked him which of Bahati’s song he was planning to play at Milan.

Taking to twitter, Bahati downgraded the Dj terming him as an upcoming Dj adding that the only time he heard about him was when people claimed that he was gay.

“Ambieni Huyo Chichiman The Only Time I heard about him Alikua amepiga Boy MUTI” he wrote in the post

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The gospel artist then called him out for failing to support Kenyan music stating that it was the reason why the singer does not recognize Kenyan artists.

“Na ata Hajawahi Support Kenyan Music nowonder Hajui Wasanii wa Kenya” he added’

Bahati’s remarks have triggered mixed reactions from Kenyans with some expressing their excitement over the ongoing exchange while others ganged up against the gospel singer claiming that his response was uncalled for.

Check out some of the reactions


Zima hio kitu Bahati, are you even listening to yourself? You’re not making any sense, unless Diana atranslate


huyo msee unaita upcoming Dj  akona signed album ya Jay Z kamjamaa..endelea beef yako tu na akina Mr.seed bana.LANES!!!

MOSES M. MWANGI.@MosesMahianyu

Hawa Gospel artists Nigutee, i just can’t!


Hapo umesema ukweli.. Huyu ni ex boyfriend wa @StephenKasoloKE


This is total savage wahh hauna Comeback. Bloodclat chichiman Go to hell ama urudi kwenu Jamaica nkt

Jeff Manene@ManeneJeff

Bahati ameingia lane ya pozee kapsaa..


Unpopular opinion …Bahati is right ..G Money is like the Jamaican ambassador to KE

…Hurtful fact…he doesn’t support KE music


Guys be here hurling insults at bahati. Na ndio amechokoza baha leo.. So bahati is not entitled to reply


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