Ruto: I May Not Vie for Presidency in 2022, Ruto Allies Rush to Save Sonko & Kenya Power Reports Worst Performance in 16 Years

Good morning,

Do you ever sit and think that sometimes, living in Kenya is like being part of the cast in a comedy movie?

So on Wednesday, the government allowed 239 people traveling from Coronavirus-hit China into the country.

That’s not the problem.

The government then went ahead to conduct basic screening of the travellers for the deadly infection, with our inadequate facilities and cleared all of them as COVID-19 free.

That is also not the problem.

The most outrageous part of it all was the travellers were then all allowed to walk out of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) under the advice that they should quarantine themselces for 14 days, the period an infected person takes to start showing symptoms.

So, what assurance does the state have, that these hundreds of travellers will adhere to this precautionary measure instead of attending to the business that brought them to the country?

As we pray that the government did not ‘import’ our demise, remember God helps those who help themselves, so remember to take caution as you go about your business.

Ensure you clean your hands regularly, especially when visiting places with high human traffic and remember to cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing to avoid transference of infections to others.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News:

Ruto: I may not vie for Presidency in 2022

DP Dr William Ruto consoles Lake Nakuru Lodge Director Samwel Mwangi during the funeral service of his mother Josphine Wambui Kimotho at Stem Ground in Nakuru.

Deputy President William Ruto may decide not to vie for the presidency in 2022.

Speaking yesterday at a burial in Nakuru, Dr. Ruto said some politicians, who are afraid he will win, want to polarise the country.

“There has been a lot of propaganda in the Press. Those behind it are worried that I will vie for the presidency,” Ruto said, adding: “Let it be known that I may decide not to vie. There is no need for all this drama.” He said such a decision would be for the sake of peace and unity.

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Ruto allies rush to save Sonko, take on Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka watch as Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa and Governor Mike Sonko sign agreement transferring Nairobi county functions, State House, February 26, 2020.

A battle for the control of Nairobi has erupted within Jubilee Party, with allies of Deputy President William Ruto opposing its takeover by the national government.

Besieged Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, who is facing a Sh357 million graft charges and an impeachment motion, has been a Ruto ally.

Ruto has previously made attempts to have the graft charges dropped, according to multiple sources.

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Kenya Power reports worst performance in 16 years


Kenya Power has made an application to the regulator for an increase in electricity prices by up to a fifth.

Kenya Power has reported its worst profit in 16 years, turning the spotlight on the push by the utility firm to raise retail tariffs for homes and businesses.

The firm’s net profit plunged 92 per cent from Sh3.26 billion to Sh262 million in the year to June — the lowest profit since it returned to profitability in 2004 after posting a Sh2.89 billion loss the previous year.

The cost of buying electricity from power generators like KenGen jumped by Sh18 billion during the period, Kenya Power said, blunting the impact of an increase in sales to customers.

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The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) entourage heads to Meru on Saturday, for the first edition of the meetings in Central Kenya. Granted that a significant section of anti-BBI politicians hail from the Mt.Kenya region, what do you think will be the reception of the controversial initiative? 

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