Glamour with Shanniq: 5 Style Tips Every Kenyan Plus Size Woman Must Know

A study was done two years ago and it was discovered 68% of shoppers are plus size ladies.

Plus size has become a movement globally and I love the fact that it discourages us from body shaming each other. We were all created in God’s image and equally before him so nobody should body shame your plus size body. Strut it in confidence.

Kenyan actress and fashionpreneur, Neomi Ng’ang’ a is among the few ladies that have made plus size become a movement in Kenya. She is one of the most confident plus size ladies I know of! She is never shy to expose her body. Her confidence has inspired other women to love themselves and embrace their beautiful bodies.

If you are plus-size and you have been wondering how you can look stylish in your plus-size body. Here are five simple tips that will make you stand out, walk with class and sass!!!

Many ladies have come out proud and confident about their bodies.

1. Buy clothes that flatter your specific figure. 

When it comes to plus size, there are different kinds of body shapes which include; diamond, pear, apple, inverted pyramid and hourglass.

Once you have figured what kind of shape you are, it’s time to accentuate your best assets. If you are an hourglass, strive to wear body con dresses. If you are an apple shape, strive to reveal your assets by pairing your outfits with a belt and anything else that flatters your angelic assets.



2. Try different colours! 

Who said colours are meant for Kambas only?
When you want to pop, you need some pop of colour! It can be nude, pink, maroon, mustard, red, peach and the list is endless.

If you are scared of trying those bright colours, try monochrome colours like black and white. They have a slimming effect.

Don’t be afraid to go bold but just remember to be comfortable and confident! Strut it, sis!


3. Grab your confidence and throw it away like confetti! 

Confidence is the key to sexiness and people accepting you for your beautiful big body.

It actually boosts your self-esteem and you will definitely be an eye candy out there. If your legs are your best assets, show them off. If your juicy boobs are your fav, display them but in a DECENT WAY!

If you want to hide your tummy play around with outfits like shirt dresses or run to a boutique and get a waist trainer.

Finding what works for your body will help you focus on the best assets and you will feel so hot and on top of the world.


4. Make wild/waist belts your best friend. 

A waist belt should be a must-have in your closet.

Belts normally enhance your waist and make you look a little bit slimmer. They come in different designs like metallic, sash, leather, wide and thick, animal printed and chain belt. It’s up to you to decide what you want.

The waist belt will define your blossoming waist. Remember you can pair the belt in a jumpsuit, dress, trouser, name it!

Belt it up hunnie!

5. Try different sizes when pairing your outfits. 

The sizes in clothing are literally just a number or letter. As we know,  sizes vary from one store to another, take your time, find the best fit for you and if you don’t find – shop online! More and more online stores are catering to plus sizes. ADA Collection has an amazing selection of one size belts that help flatter your figure while being comfortable and adjustable.



All the best as you strut in the streets! Remember You are Beautiful.

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