You Will Spoil My Jacket, Ledama to DCI Detectives During Arrest.

Days after Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina made controversial statements on citizen TV, the senator has been arrested.

The senator was on Tuesday morning arrested as he left Royal Media Services studios following his alleged incitement remarks that attracted a lot of fury from both the public.

The senator, who was in his car at the time of arrest, had asked the detectives to allow him to follow them in his car to the station but his request was turned down.

He was instead ushered into a waiting DCI car.

The drama, however, unfolded when the leader refused to seat in the middle of two detectives saying the two were going to dirty his clean jacket.

After unsuccessfully trying to resist the move to have him seat in the middle, the senator asked for some space to take his jacket out before it could get dirty.

“You have to seat here? You don’t spoil my jacket. I will have to remove it. Excuse me, I have to stand up, remove it before I can seat in the middle,” protested Ledama.

After settling down, the senator was driven to the DCI headquarters in Kiambu for grilling.

On Wednesday last week,  during a JKL show on citizen tv, the senator said the Building Bridges Initiative rally which was held in Narok on Saturday would be about the Maa community and not any other groups.

Olekina said part of the proposals to be submitted to the BBI team included the reservation of Maasai land. He went ahead to claim that the political seats in both Narok and Kajiado counties should be reserved for Maasai people only.

He also warned non-locals buying land in Narok to avoid taking their relatives to occupy it and instead use it for agricultural purposes only.

“Maasai land should be reserved for the Maasai land and food security,” Olekina stated.

His remarks caught the attention of most Kenyans on social media who condemned him for being a tribal warlord.

NCIC was forced to also chip in, asking Kenyans to maintain peace and continue engaging in the BBI process even as it continues looking into the matter.

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