Usijaribu! Things You Should Never Tell your Divorced Friend

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There is nothing frustrating like calling it quits with the person you vowed to at the church altar.

It’s will not be easy to face people and tell your kids that daddy or mommy are separated. It brings a lot of unnecessary drama and trash talks that are never pleasing to hear. If you have a friend that opened up to you about his/her divorce, you need to know they trust you enough to be there for them.

They don’t expect you to talk negative and attack them. Be kind, gentle and sensitive.

Here are 5 statements you should never tell your divorced friend;

1. I know of so-and-so who divorced and remarried five times!

Your friend does not deserve to be hearing this now. Divorce is not something exciting to face because they have been with their partner for a while and even had kids together.

Encourage them to heal first and be there for them emotionally. After all, he or she may not want to get married again.

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2. You can go back to him/her?

There are those moments your friend will be feeling low and he/she will open up and say they miss the good moments.

Don’t make a mistake of telling him/her to get back because they may look desperate especially if one party was the cause of the separation.

Tell them it shall come to pass and to stay strong.

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3. I saw your man/woman with a new partner. 

This is the least thing they need to hear because it will break their heart.

Nobody wants to hear and know their partner has moved on that fast. Let them heal first then break that news.

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4. So sad you guys could not work it out.

Don’t be sarcastic! This is actually rude.

Remember he or she had their own reasons as to why they decided to divorce so don’t mention it.

If they were not happy, they had every right to leave the relationship.

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5. My marriage is not so good either. 

Be positive, not negative.

Such advice will not help. Keep in mind that every marriage is different. Don’t compare!


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