Nairobians Fear for the Worst as Sonko Hands Over Key Functions to the National Government

The move by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to hand over key county functions to the National Government has elicited harsh reactions from Nairobians and legal experts.

Taking to social media, a section of Nairobians expressed their dissatisfaction on the matter saying that move might worsen the service delivery across the county.

According to them, the National Government has always been obsessed to take over the affairs of Nairobi County.

“Though the agreement has been done in accordance to Article 187 of the Constitution, the National Government has really been so obsessed to take over the affairs of Nairobi County. This has definitely been a bribe to Sonko’s freedom.” A user identified as Bravin tweeted.

Some Nairobians were visibly angered with the move claiming that cartels will take over the city.

They argue that the surrender of the key functions to the National government is a blow to the residents.

“Blow to Kenyans living in Nairobi, Kenyans should be worried by now Cartels takes over the City, Sonko did his best to fight them but they overpowered him.”

According to some residents, the move is a calculated move by Sonko to save himself from embarrassment.

“All this was a ploy well calculated by sonko to save face and his reputation. Other than being impeached and embarrassed, he opted to hand over the county back to the national gov’t. Sonko has always been a coward, snitch and show off who is not worth his salt and demeanour.”

The move has also been viewed and considered by a section of Nairobians as illegal saying that Sonko is facing corruption charges and was barred from office.

“SONKO is truly fit for removal, to argue otherwise is to defer the reality. But the way to reconstitute Nairobi County Government is by way of impeachment of Governor (Art. 181) or suspension of the county (Art. 192). LSK will never permit dubious maneuvers and illegal takeovers.” Lawyer Steve Ogolla tweeted.

“So why is Sonko signing county documents when courts barred him from conducting county business? Crooks wanted to loot Nairobi County. National govt a worse thief than the county govts.” Robert Alai tweeted

“Governor Mike SONKO can sign agreements with the National Government and hands over running of Nairobi County? The DPP must now equally proceed to Court & stop this ILLEGALITY; As per their previous statements, SONKO was barred from performing official duties for the County!”

Human Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi is of the opinion that the National Government blackmailed Sonko into handing over the functions.

“President Uhuru blackmailed Sonko to handover Nairobi county to the national government. Sonko is facing corruption charges, is that agreement legal? Uhuru met, witnessed an agreement with Sonko who is out on bail for corruption.Uhuru has undermined the judiciary today, as usual.” Mwangi tweeted.

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