I’m HIV+, Pregnant and Afraid My Husband Will Chase Me Away – Woman Confesses

A pregnant woman (Pexels)

A woman recently confessed that she is 5 months pregnant and possibly contracted HIV from her husband as she has never been unfaithful.

She discovered that she had HIV during a routine clinical visit. The doctor advised her to tell her husband but she is afraid that he will turn it against her and claim that she brought the disease into their marriage.

A pregnant woman (Pexels)

“I have a 4-year-old son and I am 5 months pregnant. A month ago on my regular clinical visits, I discovered that I am living with HIV. The doctor talked to me at length and encouraged me to tell my husband. Up until today, I have not had the courage to tell him about this. I have never been unfaithful to him and we tested negative several years ago.

I am depressed and worried about who is going to take care of my children when we are dead. The biggest problem is telling him about this. Knowing him, he will claim I am the one who infected him especially because I travel a lot for work and he does not like this. He has even influenced his family to talk me into resigning because of his insecurities. Please help me deal with this. I know he will put all the blame on me and chase me away,” read a confession from one Miriam on Eve Woman.

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