I’m a Virgin – Male Artist Shares Surprising Bedroom Inexperience

Masterpiece (Instagram)

About two years ago, Willy Paul revealed that he was a virgin and he would be abstaining until marriage.

This revelation was in response to a rumour that had been hospitalized after he overdosed on Spedra, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.

“I wasn’t admitted in the hospital plus at my age how will I be using Viagra? Mimi Kwanza naabstain hadi nioe. After this story nikasema I wish kuna tu wale walikua wamepitia kwa mikono yangu watokee tu waseme Willy hakuangi hivyo. Willy hatumiangi hizo vitu but unfortunately hakuna wenye wanaweza tokea juu niliamua kuabstain tu until marriage,” Willy Paul said on Mambo Mseto.

Now, another Gospel musician has come out and declared that he is a virgin. Masterpiece recently surprised Milele FM listeners after sharing his unexpected bedroom inexperience.

Masterpiece (Instagram)

“Nangoja kuoa bro. Nangoja ndoa. Nasurvive tu, unajua siku zote unamuamini Mungu,” he said.

The ‘Confidence’ singer went on to reveal that his faith and reading the Bible has saved him from temptation.

“Nasoma Bibilia,nisiingie kwa majaribu, hivo tu,” Masterpiece added.

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