Glamour with Shanniq: Glamour with Shanniq: 5 Best Dressed Female News Anchors that Keep you Glued on TV

We all know female News Anchors in Kenya always strive to look good and attractive when reading news.

I mean their TV stations need shares and viewers at the end of the day right?

Here are the news anchors that have always left many Kenyans glued on their screens with their mind-blowing beauty and style.

Who is your favourite?

1. Yvonne Okwara

Mrs Okwara has attracted viewers with her melanin glow and smart mind.

She is a Senior News Anchor and Editor in charge of Research and Planning at Citizen TV.

Her sense of style is quite vibrant, classy and elegant. She knows what best suits her petite body and understands how to mix colours.


2. Victoria Rubadiri. 

She is one of the most laid back news anchors. You would rarely hear any scandals about her.

The mother of one is also one of the top news anchors on Citizen TV. Her show airs every Weekend.

Her sense of style is simple, trendy and flirty.


3. Amina Abdi. 

If there is a presenter that stands out in the media industry it’s, Amina Abdi.

She took over the Trend Show after Larry Madowo left. Her fashion sense is trendy, unique, and eclectic. She is never afraid to break the fashion rules.

Despite having several jobs in the media, she has never failed in fashion!



4. Anne Kiguta. 

She is known as the queen of politics.

She is a Senior News Anchor at K24 where she features the big names in the political industry. Her sense of style is corporate, sassy and bold.


5. Lilian Muli. 

She has been on TV for over 10 years now and has maintained her style.

Ms Muli’s kind of style is sexy, flirty and classy. She loves showing her African assets proudly and loves trying different trends. She is not choosy.

Lately, the mother of two has been killing us with her hairdos and wow she is looking too gorge.



Who is your fav?

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