Chinese Embassy Breaks Silence, Issues Orders for its Citizens in Kenya Over Coronavirus

The Chinese Embassy in Kenya finally came out in regards to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Speaking at a press conference, the Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng gave updates and directives to be followed in curbing the spread of the deadly disease.

Peng remarked that their staff and other Chinese nationals jetting back into the country needed to quarantine themselves for 14 days.

Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng during a past interview

He reiterated that the measures needed to be followed even if the person was not sick.

“Whether they have symptoms or not, they need to isolate themselves at home for 14 days,” stated the Ambassador.

The Embassy further asserted that Kenyans had nothing to worry about.

The officials urged the citizens from discriminating the people from the east when seeing them with the masks.

Chinese people with masks to curb the spread of the Coronavirus (Courtesy)

Some of the foreigners such as Zhang Xian, who spoke to CGTN, noted that the solitary confinement was not easy for him.

Xian who is a father of one expressed that he was bored due to him not being able to go anywhere.

The Chief Representative of the State Grid Corporation of Kenya, mentioned that he even found difficulty in opening the door due to fear of spreading the virus if he was infected.

During the interview with the media house, Xiang looked happy when he finally reunited with his family especially his daughter.

The deadly virus has left a death trail of approximately 3000 people since the outbreak in the city of Wuhan.

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