Betika Suprises National Super League Teams With Millions And Training Gear

Betika, the leading sports betting firm surprised twenty National Super League teams with an extra boost of 2 million Kenya Shillings above contract terms. The boost comes less than 3 months after an initial 90 million sponsorship deal with the Football Kenya Federation which aims to support the second-tier football teams through the 2019-2021 season.

The firm also be presented full football team kits and footballs to the 20 Kenyan football teams competing for the coveted winners’ cup during the September 2019 to May 2022 season. The 2 million extra boost, kits and football equipment bring hope and motivation to the clubs and players.

The partnership with FKF has directly impacted the clubs by improving the standards of the game as the focus shifts to nurture talent both at the grassroots and national level by providing them with the necessary financial support to help them get promotion to the main league and also give them exposure by offering them a platform to showcase their talent.

Speaking during the kit presentation at Camp Toyoyo, the firm’s Business Head, Mr John Mbatiah said, “In a surprise move, today we are happy to boost the Betika National Super League with an extra 2 Million shillings in addition to the 90Million that we initially committed to. We are also happy that we have set the pace for our peers to rise up to the challenge and support the community by giving back to worthy causes”.

Mr. Mbatiah also noted that the level of commitment in the training has improved as more teams can now afford to hire training grounds and get coaches that are motivated to grow the sport.

The ‘Betika Na Community’ has now grown into a massive movement with huge following across the country from as far as Turkana. Betika continues to reaffirm their commitment in investing in sports, arts and culture across the country in 2020. Betika continues to plan the route map on where they will take the talent call next!

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