Wema Sepetu’s Ex-Boyfriend Turns Down Her Request to Be Partners in a Love Scene

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Diamond’s ex-girlfriend, Wema Septu, was embarrassed by her ex-boyfriend comedian Idris Sultan after she requested him to act with her in a love scene.

“Na niliivuta haswaaaaaaa… ulipendeza Dris akeeee… piga kelele… Afu kuhusu movie, fanya yote ila tuwe na mahusiano ya kimapenzi ndo itanoga,” she said.

This was after Idris shared a photo posing with her asking whether it would be wrong if he featured in a movie with her.

“Tukiwa movie moja itakuwa tatizo?” he asked.

In response to Sepetu’s request, he explained that he has bad past experience with lovers and wouldn’t risk being in a sex scene since the Tanzanian National Arts Council-BASATA, is against it.

“Wema Sepetu, sina historia nzuri na wapenzi, ni kama nimewaua wote. Watu wanataka sex scenes, basata wanataka prison scene,” he said.

Could Idri be taking caution having in mind that Sepetu has ever been banned by BASATA for a sexually explicit video that leaked online with her lover?

Joyce Fissoo, a representative from the film board, said the actress had disgraced and brought shame to the country’s national values with her lewd behavior.

“The film board, as mandated by law, has decided to take the following action against Wema Sepetu: to lock her out of the acting and arts industry for an unknown period of time until the day the film board will be satisfied that she has corrected her behavior. The film board will closely monitor her,” Fissoo said.

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Her comment on Idris post left her fans wondering why she was so insisting on being his ‘love parter’ even after he previously broke her heart.


@wemasepetu jamani @wemasepetu wewe mie leo nimejikuta tu nakupenda maana nilikuwa na stress za mapenzi niliyo achwa kumbe unaweza kumrudisha umpendae kibabe tu 😂😂😂@idrissultan tunakutaka kweli ap


@idrissultan sio mbaya ex wakirudisha penzi upya maana apo tu mmenoga balaa


Sijajua ila nazani muwe kwenye nyumba sasa hvi sio kwenye movie

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