Ogopa Mchina My Friend! China Sends 100,000 Ducks to End Locust Menace (Video)

Image result for Locust plague: How China sent 100,000 ducks to fight ‘worst locust attack in decades’

Chinese authorities have dispatched 100,000 ducks to fight the locust menace and hopefully end it once and for all.

In a video posted on social media, the 100,000 team of ducks are seen lined up like army soldiers getting ready for war. After a few minutes, they are dispatched and can be seen running in one direction like trained soldiers.

Billions of locusts have swarmed from Africa to the Chinese border through India and Pakistan.

Chinese authorities have dispatched the 100,000 birds to its Xinjiang border in the far west of the country, where it meets Pakistan and India as the locusts continue to swarm eastwards.

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, called the event “the worst locust attack in decades”.

Check out the full video below;

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