Endelea Kujipiga Kunyeto! Bahati Forced to Respond After Kenyans Accused Wife of Wearing ‘sewage’ Gloves

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Controversial gospel singer Bahati Kenya is breathing fire after fans trolled his family.

This comes after EMB’s boss posted a family photo of him sharply dressed and Diana Marua wearing ‘ugly’ gloves with a caption of a love emoji.

One of the social media user asked him to stop showing off his love and affecting online.

“Show off mingi ni ya nn!!?Mapenzi yenu c mjiekee..Nkt!Boring”wrote Tifftiffany 254.

In his response, irate Bahati asked her to mind her own business.

“@tifftiffany254 Sasa Unataka Kulia??? Wewe Kama Hauna Mtu Unaweza Post Endelea Kujipiga Kunyeto Pole Pole!,” he wrote.
It’s not only their love that was attacked but fans also trolled Diana for wearing ‘sewage’ gloves.
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Here are some of the trolls.
Good Sent Labda alitumia choo aka block then she was told to unblock that why amezivaa🤔
Hujafa Hujaumbika Ushambaaaaa, the gloves zinakaa za kuosha choo and they should be well fitting and match with the outfit
Nitto Ninette Ninae kwani anaenda kusungua choo😂😂😂
Janet Musyoki Zinakaa zile za kunblock sewage aki 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Damian Johnson Kma za kuosha choo
The father of three has never shied away from showing love and affection to his wife and kids on social media even after facing trolls for marrying older lady.

Celebrities showoff

Not only fans who are fade up with Kenyan celebrities who like showing off their private life on social media but also radio king Andrew Kibe.

Kibe, took to his Twitter account to urge his fellow celebrities to stop social media show off.

“Let’s stop celebrity extensions. Sasa juu wewe ni celeb utuonyeshe familia yako yote we are not interested!!!!!! @KameneGoro@Kiss100kenya,”he wrote.



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